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Get reliable shipping wherever you sell from. Amazon Shipping’s fast and efficient e-commerce delivery solutions are available for a wide range of online selling channels.

Reliable e-commerce parcel delivery

We can ship orders both from your Amazon store and other online channels—such as eBay and Etsy—or from your own site using tools such as Magento, Shopify, and more. Simply integrate with one of the order and delivery management systems we are already available on.

By using our e-commerce delivery options, you can improve the efficiency of your business logistics to enhance your customers’ experience, as well as optimise your costs.

Build trust and increase sales

Build trust and increase sales
Customer trust—and strong seller ratings—are built on great customer experience. Our fast, reliable parcel delivery options for online businesses can help boost your reputation and increase revenue by helping you achieve a better selling status on your online platforms. This could be an Amazon Prime badge, or a Top-Rated seller status on eBay.

With our reliable on-time parcel delivery performance and fully-tracked service, we can help you reach your selling goals and ensure great customer satisfaction. Begin your Amazon Shipping journey by signing up here.

Support for e-commerce businesses

Amazon Shipping’s reliable solutions may be ideal for your e-commerce parcel delivery requirements. With our delivery options for online businesses, you can use simple shipping tools for faster shipments. Amazon’s innovative logistics are changing the future of shipping.

Driving climate solutions

Amazon is optimising and transforming our transportation network through technological innovations, efficiency enhancements, and alternative solutions that allow us to deliver packages more sustainably.

Customer-led innovation

Our solutions for businesses are always evolving. We constantly optimise our tools, tech and services to meet our shippers’ requirements.

Seamless integrations for efficient operations

Purchase Amazon Shipping labels through our range of integration partners such as Shipstation, Veeqo, Metapack, and more.

All business sizes

Large/ Enterprise



  • 50 – 199 parcels per day

Key benefits

One delivery service
One delivery service
Use our services for all your website and e-commerce sales channels.
Amazon’s logistics network
Reliable logistics network
Get Amazon's innovation working for your business.
Range of delivery speeds
Range of delivery speeds
To suit your business, including Next-Day and Two-Day delivery* options.
Competitive rates
Competitive rates
Receive a simple rate card that gets less expensive the more you ship.
Hassle-free claims
Hassle-free claims
Make customers happy and keep your headaches to a minimum.
Shipper support
Shipper support
Access our dedicated 7-day support line with 60-second callbacks.


Which e-commerce channels do you support?
You can ship orders generated from a variety of e-commerce channels such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, as well as through your own website using e-commerce tools such as Magento and Shopify.
What information will I receive about parcel deliveries?
You will receive simple tracking, in one place. Tracking details for all shipments will be available to view through your Amazon Shipping account.
What information do recipients receive about their parcels?
We offer simple and easy to understand tracking, including SMS and email updates about each parcel. Recipients can provide delivery instructions if they are unavailable on the selected delivery date or time.
What else do you offer to shippers?
All shippers have access to purchase a variety of packaging options direct through Amazon Shipping, making the shipping process streamlined and easier to manage.

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*Available within network coverage areas.

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