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Retail Gazette analyse how businesses are taking steps towards more sustainable logistics.

To follow up on our report focusing on solving the delivery equation, we partnered once again with Retail Gazette to dive deeper on ways retailers can make better decisions for the planet.

This report focuses on the role sustainability plays in e-commerce, where carbon reductions can be made, alternatives to fossil fuel vehicles, the importance of sustainable packaging, and how to continue driving sustainability through parcel delivery.

Through this exclusive industry research of over 600 retailers, it was found that 53% of respondents said they view sustainability in e-commerce logistics as a priority in their operations, while some 57% say more sustainable e-commerce delivery options are very important to their customers. Sustainable green logistics continues to play a huge part in progressing the wider UK’s environmental credentials and protecting the planet.
The 'on the road to greener retail logistics' report highlights that 53% of retailers see sustainability as an ecommerce priority, while 45% want guidance from delivery partners on becoming greener. 57% of retailers say sustainable delivery options are important to their customers, while 80% have set targets to remove fossil fuel-powered vehicles from fleets. This report showcases all the efforts retailers are undertaking to achieve sustainable green logistics.
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