Solutions to improving delivery efficiency

Retail Gazette analyse how to optimise carrier costs without impacting customer service levels.

This report leans on exclusive industry research of over 100 retailers, gathering a picture of what their current focus is, what they want from carrier partners, and how they can solve the all important delivery equation.

Greater parcel volumes in UK retail over the last number of years have resulted in an increase in challenges around on-time delivery, lost parcels, and parcels that are recorded as delivered but not received by customers. A continued focus for retailers is how to improve last mile delivery, despite the many hurdles they currently face.

Through four core areas of focus, this report outlines industry learnings and outcomes on how to further improve last mile delivery and overall delivery efficiency.
The 'delivery equation in numbers' report highlights that 73% of retailers use more than one delivery partner, and 41% of those retailers view loss rates as a pain point in trying to reduce costs. 38% of retailers are looking to change carriers ahead of peak while 78% are focused on delivery reliability. Through this report, retailers can gain a greater understand on how to improve delivery efficiency.
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