Next-day delivery: reacting fast for a successful future

The RetailX Online Shopper Study offers a powerful insight into the minds of consumers and how 2020 has affected their delivery preferences.

The RetailX Online Shopper Study surveyed 1000 online shoppers in the UK, asking them a series of questions about their online shopping habits. The survey was designed to provide a valuable understanding of consumer delivery preferences and how expectations continue to change.

The results offer a remarkable window into the minds of shoppers and equips online retailers with the knowledge they need to ensure they are providing a delivery experience that meets consumer demand.

Through this report, learn more about online consumer shopping habits and behavior statistics, including consumers’ increasing demand for next-day delivery. This demand has resulted in 91% of ecommerce shoppers choosing where to buy based on next-day delivery optoins, rising to 97% for those who shop more than once a week.
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