Introducing two-day delivery

We all want choices, which is why Amazon Shipping is adding a two-day delivery option to complement our fast and reliable one-day service. Giving you and your customers more options.
Delivery options

Multi-speed delivery options

Offer more than one delivery speed to your customers.
No extra fees


We'll create a custom rate card, just for you.
Delivery you can trust

Streamline your operations

Ship both one-day and two-day parcels with one provider through one collection.
No contractual obligation

Delivery tracking

End-to-end tracking in real time.
One shipping service

Recipient notifications

Transparent customer experience with SMS and email updates.

Customer service support

A dedicated team on-hand to answer your questions.

The benefits of a multi-speed delivery offering:

68% of customers choose a retailer offering more delivery choices.
49% of customers are willing to pay more for better, or more convient delivery options.
96% of customers would shop with a retailer again after a positive delivery experience.
Source: IMRG UK Consumer Home Delivery Review 2018/19

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Frequently asked questions:

Q1. How should I label my one-day and two-day parcels?
Our labels are speed-specific. One-day premium speed is indicated with a 'P' icon and two-day standard speed is indicated with an 'S' icon.

Q2. How should I prepare my palletised shipments?
Segregate your volume by Royal Mail, Amazon Shipping one-day and Amazon Shipping two-day. Ensure that Amazon Shipping two-day is loaded first, followed by Amazon Shipping one-day, and then Royal Mail.

Q3. Will I need to request additional pickups for my two-day volume?
No, we will collect your two-day volume when we pick up your one-day volume during the same collection window. If you have sufficient volume to require an additional vehicle solely for your two-day volume, we are also able to collect this the following morning.

Q4. How do I start using the two-day service after I register interest?
We will change your profile to allow production of two-day labels. Following successful testing of the label production, you will be approved to ship two-day parcels. This process will take on average 10 working days.

Q5. When and how will I receive a rate card?
TBC - HOTW to be defined.