Provide Your Accessible Delivery Instructions

Set your accessible delivery instructions to tell us how we can support your delivery arranged by Amazon Shipping.


We try to honor your delivery instructions whenever possible. However, we can't always guarantee that our carriers can meet these requests.

Please note that our Delivery Partners cannot enter your residential address and may not be able to facilitate unique accessible delivery instructions, however will try to find an appropriate alternative solution. Our Delivery Partners may contact you via call or text to gather more information about your accessible delivery instructions.

Amazon has a free text field within your Delivery Instructions (via your Amazon UK account and via the Amazon Shipping tracking page) that allows you to communicate your accessible delivery needs. We will only use this information for the purpose of your delivery and to improve our accessible delivery process. It will be retained for the duration your account is open unless you delete it.

To set your accessible delivery instructions:

If you have an Amazon account, go to Your Addresses ( and click on ‘Add Delivery Instructions’ under any listed address. Then select ‘Add More Instructions’ at the bottom of the page. There is a free text space where you can provide accessibility instructions under ‘Do We Need Additional Instructions to Find This Address.’

In this free text field, you can add instructions such as ‘Knock Loudly’ or ‘Give more time.’
Please do not enter any sensitive personal information, including health or medical information. By entering such data, you do so on a voluntary basis and consent to its use in accordance with our Privacy Notice.

If you have an Amazon account, there is also a free text field in your address book on the Amazon Shipping tracking page, where you can enter accessibility delivery instructions.

If you do not have an Amazon account, you can create one directly from the Amazon Shipping tracking page.
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