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Discover the insights from Retail Gazette’s peak report.

Insights from peak

Peak is the most important date in the shipping calendar for many UK retailers. Get it right, and you may have an opportunity to boost sales and build customer loyalty. Miss the mark, and you might find yourself facing challenges like inadequate delivery capability.

Entering 2023 peak, many retailers had concerns around their parcel delivery capability, coupled with a tough financial climate, with consumers facing ongoing cost-of-living challenges. We wanted to understand the challenges, needs, and emerging e-commerce trends so we sponsored Retail Gazette to survey their audience of UK shippers.

This is our second time partnering with Retail Gazette to gain insights on peak delivery trends, having last sponsored them to survey their audience two years ago during 2021 peak. This allows us to provide you with a snapshot of how the delivery landscape has changed in two years.

A look inside

Peak delivery trends are continuously evolving and this year is no exception. Speed stood out as the prerequisite for many consumers over peak, with 63% of consumers opting for next-day parcel delivery or quicker, but that’s not the full picture. While faster delivery options are the preferred speed, interestingly, 3 – 5 day delivery also grew in popularity since Retail Gazette’s 2021 survey. The takeaway? Offering choice and flexibility is key.

Despite a challenging financial climate, it’s positive to hear that over half (55%) of shippers reported an increase in online sales year on year. Nearly three quarters of the shippers Retail Gazette spoke to felt that peak delivery demand is getting earlier each year. So, what can this tell us about shifting consumer purchasing habits and preparations for stock and delivery logistics?

Access more insights

To understand how UK shippers navigated 2023 peak, and discover the insights and parcel delivery innovations for 2024, download a free copy of the report here.

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