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Customer purchasing
habits during peak

As customer needs and wants continue to evolve, we take a closer look
at how this will shape the parcel delivery experience in the coming year.

Peak season is changing for customers and retailers

Peak season for retailers and customers has changed significantly in recent years, the e-commerce industry experienced a unprecedented success as a result of the global pandemic, and parcel delivery providers saw years of unexpected growth in only a matter of months.

This dramatic increase was driven by the closure of physical stores and the new dependency towards online shopping. As we now explore a hybrid shopping environment once again, new expectations, needs, and wants emerge within the customer base.

So, what did we learn in peak 2022?

How can we understand how these customers are changing their shopping habits? And how can this help us as we look to peak in 2023?

Amazon Shipping commissioned Triangle to survey 600 e-commerce customers across the UK, France, Italy, and Spain to understand their changing needs, wants, and concerns when it comes to retail delivery during peak season.

What we can see at a glance, is that 50% of customers surveyed reportedly increased their online shopping during peak 2022 versus 2021. However, with an increase in purchases, also comes higher expectations for retailers and their delivery partners to provide a seamless, fast, and transparent parcel delivery journey.

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Through multiple countries, we have gained regional perspectives on how different economies have adapted their purchasing behaviour during the peak 2022 period. All of this and more is analysed and discussed within this report, download your free copy here.

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