Introducing two-day delivery

Here, at Amazon Shipping we are constantly working on ways to better satisfy your needs. From competitive pricing, to a fast and reliable delivery service, we are looking forward to supporting you with our two-day delivery speed for any channel.
No extra fees

Competitive rates

Get a quote and start shipping your parcels in days with our easy-to-understand rates
No extra fees

No extra fees

We don’t charge extra fees for residential delivery or to deliver parcels on weekends
Delivery you can trust

Delivery you can trust

Our two-day parcel delivery service gives you the peace of mind that you need
No contractual obligation

Flexible terms

You can cancel your Amazon Shipping services at any time with 30 days' notice
One shipping service

One shipping service

We deliver parcels from your own website and other e-commerce channels

Dedicated shipper support

Our dedicated shipper support will help you get started and troubleshoot

Check your eligibility for this service

1) Your average daily volume of parcels is more than 50.
2) You do not ship dangerous goods as outlined in our shipping policy.

Ship orders generated from a variety of e-commerce channels

Our fast, reliable service could help boost your reputation and increase revenue by helping you achieve a better selling status on platforms such as eBay

What our shippers are saying

Amazon Shipping is a real boost for my business. Reliable, consistent performance and a dedicated support team if needed
An Online Retailer selling a wide range of product categories
Amazon Shipping is a cost effective next day parcel solution with superb coverage across the UK
An Online Home & Garden Retailer

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